LITTLE DEER wallpaper

LITTLE DEER wallpaper

Luhan, Luhan, and Luhan again ^_^ Mohon maaf telah berkali-kali menampilkan sosok Luhan di situs ini. As a Kpop fans I’m pretty random. I’m not an EXOTICS (EXO’s Fandom name), but I fall for his angel looks. Dan menilik perjalanan mereka sejauh ini sih, pendapat pribadi saya mengatakan, tingkah laku dan sifat dasar Luhan, tidak jauh berbeda dengan kesan di wajahnya. You can agree or not, but that’s what I thought ^^.

Photo source : EXO Official Unreleased Photos, SM Pop-Up Store, Era MAMA.
Background : http://missesglass.deviantart.com/art/5-Scrapbook-Scans-S25-181376122
(Thanks a lot for share those awesome stuff)

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