“Yoonique Cartoon” t shirt

Yoonique me cartoon

Design Story:
Doojoon’s ‘famous front bang’ really captivating me xD. Midnight song always remembering me about Doojoonie precious tuft (front wave bang). Why?? Have you ever watch Running Man episode with Doojoon as guest (Idol Athletic Championship episode). That episode show how important his bang! he said that his bang is his pride xD. He always took care his bang, nothing can destroy his bang even when he have to wear a cap^^.

Doojoon simple style in “Midnight” song concept is the best!! I don’t care how much he change his hairstyle after that. What’s always on my mind, is Doojoonie with his precious bang. Always^^.

Tshirt Detail:
Kaos cotton combed 20′s jahit rantai (standard distro) warna hitam
Sablon Rubber (manual)
Harga : Rp.85.000,-

Order This Thirt ^^
by email : yid.clothing@gmail.com
by sms : 085336878832
by Fb account : Yuliana Ika Dewi
Grab It Fast 친구들 \^o^/

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