“Little Deer” T-shirt

Little Deer

Design Story:
I don’t have any specific reason but his appearance, caught my eyes, even can’t blink when I saw his face^^. Need more than 5 months for me to recognize them (exo)^^. At first, I just calmly say..

“oh SM new boygroup…”
“oo..SM put a lot of expectation on them”
“hmm…a gank of goodlooking boy, they’re pretty good in dancing too”
“they’ll become good sales. SM typical”
“But they’re song, isn’t to strong at first? I even can’t distinguish between MAMA and History”
“oh, there’s a pretty good song -Angel-, I’ll download the mp3”
“and wow, who is that boy? he looks like Donghae at first sight -Luhan-”

From that moment, when by any chance I saw  EXO pictures, I always looking for Luhan face. And comment “ooo…he’s more pretty good looking now”, “ooo…he’s became more adorable now”.

Until at the point when Wolf came out. Nooo…I’m not fans of that song. Honestly, I feel bad for EXO about their song and MV. But from their concept, their apprearance….I admit, so far Wolf is the best. They’re just..hmm…#jjang! Once again, NOT the song and music video T.T.

By the way from that moment (moment of awesomeness and adorableness Wolf stage concept) I keep an eye of them ^^. Beside Luhan, another person I adore too is Sehun. Yeah, two of them are very typical. Another member who stand out too (from my sight) is Kris. They’re just adorable. ^^

So here it is, first tees of personal member of EXO, Luhan^^. Wish you like it, like I like him ㅋㅋㅋ^^. Maybe next member come out next. Maybe..^^maybe not in tees, but in freebie desktop wallpaper. I’m sure to make it soon.^^

Tshirt Detail:
Kaos cotton combed 20′s jahit rantai (standard distro) warna putih
Sablon Separasi (manual)

Order This Thirt ^^
by email : yid.clothing@gmail.com
by sms : 085336878832
by Fb account : Yuliana Ika Dewi
Grab It Fast 친구들 \^o^/

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